This blog post is outdated, a new and vastly upgraded version of Django Facebook is now available. Read more about it here.
For Fashiolista.com Fashiolista we needed to integrate with the Facebook Open Graph API. The open graph API is a very exciting facebook project, which you can read about more here and here. The code at fashiolista.com allows you to register/login via facebook using the Open Graph API (similar to the old Facebook connect, but registration, instead of only logging in). Before you go try it out, fashiolista.com is aimed primarily at females so your girl friends facebook account is probably a better fit.
Im releasing the source code for Django Facebook on github. Its a very early release, but it might help other developers trying to implement a facebook register/loging flow using the new open graph api. See Github for requirements and installation instructions.
Birthday formats are currently giving some troubles for some users.
Fixed and tests added to prevent future problems. (note Fashiolista.com may still give errors, will be resolved during our next release).