About Thierry Schellenbach | Co-founder & CEO | @tschellenbach
Thierry Schellenbach is co-founder and CEO of Stream. Stream is an enterprise-grade chat and activity feed provider that serves more than a billion end-users.

Before co-founding Stream with Tommaso Barbugli, Schellenbach founded Fashiolista, an early social network similar to Pinterest. It grew to millions of users and eventually sold to private equity for an undisclosed eight-figure amount.

He’s the author of several widely used open-source software packages, including Stream Framework, Django Facebook and a popular open-source RSS reader called Winds.

An active participant in the technology and startup communities, Schellenbach regularly presents at programs, panels and workshops hosted by Techstars and GGV Capital, and he enjoys mentoring earlier-stage startups. He is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Schellenbach graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam, one of Europe’s leading universities. His passion for technology started at an early age; when he was 14, he started his first profitable site and taught himself how to program.

He is based in Boulder, Colo. where Stream is headquartered.